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Verification of Labor Policies



  • Reviewing and verifying Labor Policies:

  • The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) aims to raise awareness and improve productive work environment by regulating internal policies for companies and its workers by the verification of its labor policies through accredited law firms, which accordingly creates a safe and effective work environment.

  • The HRSD regulated a (Standard Labor Policy) which enables companies to issue and approve their labor policies immediately. The HRSD enables companies to approve a (Customized Labor Policy) by adding additional clauses to the standard policy in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of the Labor Law and its Regulations. In this scope of work, our Law Firm is distinguished by being one of the first law firms approved by the HRSD to provide this service.


  • We outline the approach we provide this service independently through the following procedures:

  • Startup meeting to determine the client goals and needs of the special additional clauses in the (Customized Labor Policy).

  • Draft the (Customized Labor Policy), review and insert the client's additional clauses with the provisions of the Labor Law and its Regulations.

  • Provide a professional accreditation to both (Standard) and (Customized) Labor Policies.

  • Provide the client with the technical support and guidance to submit the accredit application.

  • Stamp the policy with our law firm stamp and obtain the final certificate approval from the HRSD for the client.

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