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MOHAMMED ALAQEEL & Co started with Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Al Aqeel obtaining the attorney license No. 113/27 in 2005, which resulted in experiences in law schools and law firms within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Through this, he gained experience in specialised laws within companies, finance and commercial disputes. Until the establishment of the National Water Company, the privatisation of the water sector and his appointment as the senior legal consultant to the company’s Board of Directors until 2010. Eventually, he established Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel Law Firm to be the basic building block of the company and to be the first step in the selection of clients and businesses as well as the selection of legal elite lawyers. He believed in the necessity of rooting institutional work on the difference in specialisations and similarities in the professional standards that are considered fundamental. This ensures the success of the company according to similar international experiences, alongside national and international cadres that have been developed over the past ten years to provide legal services. This is done in cooperation with our international allies around the world, ensuring the provision of legal services in accordance with the best applications.

Consequently,  MOHAMMED ALAQEEL & CO was transferred to a professional company under the name MOHAMMED ALAQEEL & Co in 2020, in line with the national transformation of our blessed country, to achieve the 2030 vision, by Allah's grace.

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