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Lexis interviews Mr. Mohammed AlAqeel, for exclusive legal insights

In 2023 Saudi citizens witnessed 2 big events:

▪️ Legal reform & modernization in the Kingdom

▪️ The increasing accessibility and usability of AI

How have these 2 events impacted

The business environment

Job & business opportunities

Business leaders & professionals

The following article answers 6 main legal questions

Concerning every lawyer, founder, and leader in Saudi Arabia

  1. Has AI impacted Mohammed Alaqeel & Co?

  2. What are our plans for 2024?

  3. Which practice areas do we expect to grow or change in 2024?

  4. What dispute/litigation trends we have noticed in 2023?

  5. In 2023, which new legislation/regulation impacted us or our clients the most?

  6. Expert & legal advice to businesses in KSA looking to increase the use of AI.

Lexis Middle East interview with our managing partner Mr. Mohammed AlAqeel

Sheds light on the new changes in the legal & business landscape in the Kingdom.

As well as it gives access to some insider information about the MOHAMMED ALAQEEL & Co. law firm.

Managing Partner Survey_SaudiArabia_2024_240215_124818
Download PDF • 1.33MB


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