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  • Intellectual Property:​

  • Our company has excellent experience regarding the legalisation of contracts and partnerships based on the consideration of intellectual property as a fundamental value for clients, for example, trademarks, patents, and more to protect the products. Our company has taken the following policy to protect anything that falls under intellectual property rights as follows:

  • Registering the intellectual property right for the owner inside and outside the Kingdom, according to the need and spread of the client’s project.

  • Evaluating the intellectual property right before signing between the partners and proving its dependence.

  • Working to define an independent legal scope for intellectual property protection against infringement by others.

  • Following up through official channels to announce the registration of intellectual property rights in general, in order to benefit from the right to challenge the imitation of any of the client's intellectual property rights within the regular periods.

  • Courts representation for the protection of intellectual property rights, regardless of the types and degrees of jurisdiction.

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