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  • Litigation and Conflict Management:

Our Company has several accomplishments earned through achieving the goals of our clients before the judicial and executive bodies (commercial and administrative courts, public courts, etc.). We outline the way we provide these services and the achievements accomplished in the following stages:


  1. Drafting the legal study of the case in written form to list the weaknesses and strengths and determine available scenarios to manage the case appropriately.

  2. Meeting with the client to present the legal study, assuring them that all relevant documents are provided. Then we determine the chosen scenario in agreement with the client based on the client's goals and expectations.

  3. Assigning the work team, the client’s point of contact, the attorney who represents the client in the court to ensure the progress of the case, and the drafting of notes according to the study approved.

  4. Providing the client with reports on each session in writing and giving the client sufficient time to inquire or express comments on any notes or statements that are submitted before the judiciary. The company's policy requires its employees to submit the report for each session in writing within 24 hours.

  5. The company also has a customized program for it to collectively follow up on the various issues of other companies in a detailed manner. This program is used to provide periodic reports to their boards of directors to inform them of the developments of their cases before the concerned authorities.

  • Judicial and Executive bodies in which we specialize are as follows:

  • Commercial courts of all degrees.

  • Administrative courts of all degrees.

  • Public courts of all degrees.

  • Labor courts of all degrees.

  • Banking Dispute Resolution Authority.

  • Tax Dispute Resolution Authority.

  • Insurance Dispute Resolution Authority.


The partners in our company are distinguished in commercial arbitration inside and outside the Kingdom. This is based on the system governing the contractual relationship between the parties of the dispute, whether as designated arbitrators or experts appointed by arbitrators. Some of our partners have professional qualification through their participation in the International Program for Commercial Arbitration that is organized between the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration and  Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

  • Notarization:

Based on the Notarization License No. 39/1382, our company has intentionally provided this service to notarize the official PoAs and other documents according to  Notarization Law.


  • Establishing and Restructuring Companies:

  • The process of establishing companies or restructuring them in all their forms is a procedural matter subject to the regulations of the concerned authorities following the directives issued by the legislative and regulatory authorities. Our company is distinguished in this service through the adoption of the following policies,

  • Meeting with the partners to establish their expectations in a Shareholders Agreement, complementing the documents registered at the Ministry of Commerce. It is considered to address points that are not mentioned in the official template of Articles of Association, for example, in the registered Articles of Association, such as the mechanism of financial infusion and scheduling of financing by shareholders and others;

  • Explaining the legal consequences of each article in the Shareholders Agreement or the company’s Articles of Association. This is considered in the establishment or transfer stage, starting from a company’s name and legal implications (such as the legal differences between Holding and Limited) and others.

  • Informing partners of the special conditions and requirements of the concerned authorities for any special activity, such as the specific requirements related to corporate governance.

  • Starting the establishment or transfer the company based on what the shareholders agreed, by representing them before the relevant authorities.

  • Types of companies we specialise in establishing:

  • Limited Liability Companies.

  • Closed Joint Stock Companies.

  • Companies listed in the Capital Market Authority, starting from the drafting of the prospectus.

  • International companies, such as Offshore companies

  • Legal Advices and Support:

  • As our relationship with our corporate clients is characterised by efficiently providing annual legal support in accordance with their needs, we seek to guarantee reliability and legal quality while providing legal services, as follows:

  • Be aware of our client’s interests both in the local and international market, to ensure our professional commitment to our clients and to guarantee their interests do not conflict with others.

  • Determine the point of contact for both parties, ensuring the confidentiality of information;

  • Set a specific date for clients to provide the requested legal support punctually.

  • Attend meetings and negotiations on the dates specified by the client, so that our company guarantees that the work team fulfils its role to the highest standard.

  • Our company is renowned by ensuring we provide high-quality servers, giving excellent protection. Therefore, preventing the printing and archiving of documents that could potentially lead to a breach of privacy. For over 10 years, we have been archiving all our correspondences with our clients in order to protect and reach them at any time.


  • Drafting and Managing Contracts:

  • What distinguishes the experiences that our company gives from others is that the drafting of contracts is constructive. We reflect the expectations of the contracting parties and ensure the completion of contractual matters in a way that is manifested in the market, and not only in paper form but through the following steps:

  • Be aware of all correspondences or negotiations to acknowledge what the parties have agreed upon so that we complete legal matters which support financial affairs;

  • Drafting contracts or memoranda of understanding based on the previous step according to the best practices, similar to the contractual relationship and activity between the contracting parties, and sending the initial form at the time expected by the client.

  • Amending the formulation that is sent by the counterparties of the client, taking into consideration and protecting the interests and goals of the client;

  • Participating in the supervisory or executive committees of contracts or agreements signed between the client and the counterparties, ensuring the protection of the client's interests and contractual rights.

  • Some contracts and agreements that distinguish us in both Arabic and English:

  • Franchise Contracts and Commercial Agencies.

  • Partnership Agreements with foreign or Saudi partners.

  • Contracting Agreement, including FIDIC.

  • Management Contracts and Real estate development.

  • Financing contracts.

  • Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for information confidentiality protection.


  • Intellectual Property:

  • Our company has excellent experience regarding the legalisation of contracts and partnerships based on the consideration of intellectual property as a fundamental value for clients, for example, trademarks, patents, and more to protect the products. Our company has taken the following policy to protect anything that falls under intellectual property rights as follows:

  • Registering the intellectual property right for the owner inside and outside the Kingdom, according to the need and spread of the client’s project.

  • Evaluating the intellectual property right before signing between the partners and proving its dependence.

  • Working to define an independent legal scope for intellectual property protection against infringement by others.

  • Following up through official channels to announce the registration of intellectual property rights in general, in order to benefit from the right to challenge the imitation of any of the client's intellectual property rights within the regular periods.

  • Courts representation for the protection of intellectual property rights, regardless of the types and degrees of jurisdiction.

  • Electronic Trade:

  • With the openness of the local market on a global scale in a way that urges keeping with the ease of concluding contractual operations in an interactive application despite the multiplicity of contractual operations, Our company has focused on ensuring the legalisation of the electronic trade for the activities of its customers, starting with establishing electronic applications. For example, with operators, so that these applications are in line with established regulations and the activation of financial operations inside and outside the Kingdom.

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