My Story


I am Aban Mohamed Rawas, born in Mecca, and lived there for for 23 years. Then I graduated from the Law College at King Abdul Aziz University , Jeddah on 18 November 2016. I joined Mohammed Abdulaziz Alaqeel Law Firm in Riyadh to work as a trainee lawyer. At this firm, spirit of fraternity and love of cooperation predominated everywhere to form comfortable environment. Whereas moving from Mecca, the religious nature town, to the capital, with its professionalization, that caused some culture barriers that was an obstacle could not have been overcame without Allah Gratitude; due to the spirit of fraternity and coworkers at the firm, who spurred and encouraged me to continue and overcome any barrier.


In early 2017, I engaged with the legal advisors and lawyers in small files, in which I was introduced as the firm representatives ready to represent the clients only before the ministries, police stations, authorities to approach or inquire something, as well, to represent as a trainee lawyer before the courts, judicial committees in all types. As I started to approach the authority consecutively from Ministry of Commerce, -in its former name-, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, -in its former name-, then the police stations, enforcement court, general court, partial court, then the labour committees and the settlement authorities. It is also worth mentioning that, I was gradually given the trust to do my job in appropriate way with no excess or negligence.


In February 2018, I had an accident, my car was damaged, and all co-passengers with me sustained severe injuries, which caused a psychological distress I could not have passed it if it were not for Allah’s will. As well as supporting of my colleagues at this time, as they encouraged and spurred me to continue in doing my job towards all clients and in appropriate way reflecting the firm image.


At the end of 2018, and with Allah’s gratitude, I was given the full trust to manage some files and the related consultations, cases and approaches. With such trust, I had the opportunity to be at the helm of the team and managing the teamwork in cooperation with my colleagues at the firm, which helped me to develop enormously the clients’ managing skills, files and the teamwork.




While turning point through working at Mohammed Alaqeel & Co in the middle of 2020, I was honored to be one of the coworkers who continued to work at the firm according to the future vision of the company as well, the purposeful message of the advocate profession. This reflected on the makeable development of the firm performance after this turning point, as well the development of the teamwork spirit and coworkers and the quality of the legal services provided to the clients of Mohammed Alaqeel & Co.


In January 2021, my lawyer license was issued, which means ending probationary and starting the work officially as an Attorney at the company, as well, a responsible for the electronic services and the Intellectual Property (IP) regimes. In spite of being happy for obtaining the professional license, but my feeling of the professional maturity as a lawyer has never changed; as I reached this maturity during my work, so I continue in providing the legal services through the company for all its clients who contributed in forming this personality of the noble lawyer.