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عملائنا وشركاء النجاح

  • Litigation and Conflict Management:

Our Company has several accomplishments earned through achieving the goals of our clients before the judicial and executive bodies (commercial and administrative courts, public courts, etc.). We outline the way we provide these services and the achievements accomplished in the following stages:


  1. Drafting the legal study of the case in written form to list the weaknesses and strengths and determine available scenarios to manage the case appropriately.

  2. Meeting with the client to present the legal study, assuring them that all relevant documents are provided. Then we determine the chosen scenario in agreement with the client based on the client's goals and expectations.

  3. Assigning the work team, the client’s point of contact, the attorney who represents the client in the court to ensure the progress of the case, and the drafting of notes according to the study approved.

  4. Providing the client with reports on each session in writing and giving the client sufficient time to inquire or express comments on any notes or statements that are submitted before the judiciary. The company's policy requires its employees to submit the report for each session in writing within 24 hours.

  5. The company also has a customized program for it to collectively follow up on the various issues of other companies in a detailed manner. This program is used to provide periodic reports to their boards of directors to inform them of the developments of their cases before the concerned authorities.

  • Judicial and Executive bodies in which we specialize are as follows:

  • Commercial courts of all degrees.

  • Administrative courts of all degrees.

  • Public courts of all degrees.

  • Labor courts of all degrees.

  • Banking Dispute Resolution Authority.

  • Tax Dispute Resolution Authority.

  • Insurance Dispute Resolution Authority.

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