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  • Legal Advices and Support:

  • As our relationship with our corporate clients is characterised by efficiently providing annual legal support in accordance with their needs, we seek to guarantee reliability and legal quality while providing legal services, as follows:

  • Be aware of our client’s interests both in the local and international market, to ensure our professional commitment to our clients and to guarantee their interests do not conflict with others.

  • Determine the point of contact for both parties, ensuring the confidentiality of information;

  • Set a specific date for clients to provide the requested legal support punctually.

  • Attend meetings and negotiations on the dates specified by the client, so that our company guarantees that the work team fulfils its role to the highest standard.

  • Our company is renowned by ensuring we provide high-quality servers, giving excellent protection. Therefore, preventing the printing and archiving of documents that could potentially lead to a breach of privacy. For over 10 years, we have been archiving all our correspondences with our clients in order to protect and reach them at any time.

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