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Legal Due Diligence

  • Legal Due-Diligence (LDD):

  • A comprehensive Legal Due-Diligence report is critical to the success of any merger, acquisition, or transaction. The fundamental purpose of any Due Diligence is to validate assumptions with respect to valuation and to identify and mitigate risks in the business whether it is Governmental, Private, Locally and Internationally.

  • It is remarkable the frequency application of LDD in many of the projects contributing with the Saudi vision 2030, especially with regard to the acquisition of shares and companies.

  • LDD is usually conducted before any type of corporate transactions such as; Acquisitions, purchases and investments, or with the disputes between partners or shareholders, or to protect partners’ Associations in respect of their rights, obligations and decisions.


  • We outline the way we provide this service independently through the following procedures:

  • Providing high-level LDD in accordance with professional standards and international practices.

  • Starting by a kickoff meeting to determine the client goals of the transaction and strive for the client’s best interest.

  • Seeking information and documents directly from the targeted company under due diligence, to assess and determine all the legal potential and expected risks associated with the transaction, lacunae or liabilities which the targeted company carries and analyze them into high risks (red flags) and medium to low risks (yellow flags).

  • Conducting meetings and sight visits with the key management of the targeted company to obtain first-hand information and clarification in regard with specific issues.

  • Concluding the process by delivering a comprehensive LDD report with all types/degrees of risks, its mitigations and recommendations which will provide the client with a comprehensive document from which to negotiate the transaction.

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