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  • Establishing and Restructuring Companies:

  • The process of establishing companies or restructuring them in all their forms is a procedural matter subject to the regulations of the concerned authorities following the directives issued by the legislative and regulatory authorities. Our company is distinguished in this service through the adoption of the following policies,

  • Meeting with the partners to establish their expectations in a Shareholders Agreement, complementing the documents registered at the Ministry of Commerce. It is considered to address points that are not mentioned in the official template of Articles of Association, for example, in the registered Articles of Association, such as the mechanism of financial infusion and scheduling of financing by shareholders and others;

  • Explaining the legal consequences of each article in the Shareholders Agreement or the company’s Articles of Association. This is considered in the establishment or transfer stage, starting from a company’s name and legal implications (such as the legal differences between Holding and Limited) and others.

  • Informing partners of the special conditions and requirements of the concerned authorities for any special activity, such as the specific requirements related to corporate governance.

  • Starting the establishment or transfer the company based on what the shareholders agreed, by representing them before the relevant authorities.

  • Types of companies we specialise in establishing:

  • Limited Liability Companies.

  • Closed Joint Stock Companies.

  • Companies listed in the Capital Market Authority, starting from the drafting of the prospectus.

  • International companies, such as Offshore companies

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