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  • Drafting and Managing Contracts:​

  • What distinguishes the experiences that our company gives from others is that the drafting of contracts is constructive. We reflect the expectations of the contracting parties and ensure the completion of contractual matters in a way that is manifested in the market, and not only in paper form but through the following steps:

  • Be aware of all correspondences or negotiations to acknowledge what the parties have agreed upon so that we complete legal matters which support financial affairs;

  • Drafting contracts or memoranda of understanding based on the previous step according to the best practices, similar to the contractual relationship and activity between the contracting parties, and sending the initial form at the time expected by the client.

  • Amending the formulation that is sent by the counterparties of the client, taking into consideration and protecting the interests and goals of the client;

  • Participating in the supervisory or executive committees of contracts or agreements signed between the client and the counterparties, ensuring the protection of the client's interests and contractual rights.

  • Some contracts and agreements that distinguish us in both Arabic and English:

  • Franchise Contracts and Commercial Agencies.

  • Partnership Agreements with foreign or Saudi partners.

  • Contracting Agreement, including FIDIC.

  • Management Contracts and Real estate development.

  • Financing contracts.

  • Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for information confidentiality protection.

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