Speech of the Founder of Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co 

Peace and blessings on Allah and his messenger Muhammed. After more than 15 years of practicing law, I stand here thinking about the stages of professional development and growth that I have gone through. God has truly granted me success in my country and abroad, for which I am eternally grateful. I am convinced of the need to give an opportunity to a lawyer who has invested in himself and absorbed the ethics of the profession and its knowledge. If it were not for the virtue of God and the faith my clients and colleagues have in me, I would not have achieved a small part of what I have accomplished today. It became necessary for me after years of professional growth to alter what was established in my name (Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel Law Firm) to an entity that guarantees the stability of high-quality services. Therefore, the transformation of my law Firm to Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co Law Firm is a show of my own commitment, and continues to be a preference for clients who believe in it. It will be the first step for future extended partnerships that agree with the possibility of seeing local law firms follow the example of their counterparts worldwide, especially in light of the blessed views of our country's leaders in support of everything special that comes from their citizens

May Allah the almighty bestow success upon us

Mohammed Alaqeel


Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co

Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co Law Firm is a law firm that was transformed into a professional company in 2020. The firm has more than 20 attorneys and consultants both inside and outside the country within the disciplines and disputes of a commercial and banking nature. The partners of the company have won a number of awards around the world in both the public and private sectors in appreciation of their efforts and excellence in the legal services provided. The company has also adopted the provision of legal services as a duty towards society in an institutional form through charitable organisations.

Who we are and what our vision is

Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co started with Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Al Aqeel obtaining the attorney license No. 113/27 in 2005, which resulted in experiences in law schools and law firms within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Through this, he gained experience in specialised laws within companies, finance and commercial disputes. Until the establishment of the National Water Company, the privatisation of the water sector and his appointment as the senior legal consultant to the company’s Board of Directors until 2010. Eventually, he established Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel Law Firm to be the basic building block of the company and to be the first step in the selection of clients and businesses as well as the selection of legal elite lawyers. He believed in the necessity of rooting institutional work on the difference in specialisations and similarities in the professional standards that are considered fundamental. This ensures the success of the company according to similar international experiences, alongside national and international cadres that have been developed over the past ten years to provide legal services. This is done in cooperation with our international allies around the world, ensuring the provision of legal services in accordance with the best applications.

Consequently,  Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel Law Firm was transferred to a professional company under the name Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co in 2020, in line with the national transformation of our blessed country, to achieve the 2030 vision, by Allah's grace.


Mohammed Alaqeel

Managing Partner

Mohammad Al-Aqeel is specialised in corporate transactions, in addition to the high-value service he provides in matters of litigation. He is a licensed lawyer who has the right to plead before all courts and judicial bodies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He comes from a family with historical roots with Ministry of Justice.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic law from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMAMU) in 2003. He obtained a Higher Diploma in Regulations from the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in 2005 (equivalent to a Master’s Degree in Law in Saudi Arabia). He has attended several "law skills courses" at Cambridge Regional Collage (In UK - Cambridge) to facilitate a comparative understanding of international trade law and what applies to the Gulf region, while focusing in particular on jurisdiction in his home country Saudi Arabia.

Mohammad Al-Aqeel has worked with international law firms, including Clifford  Chance LLP.

Abdullah Alaqeel

Partner, Head of Corporate

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in the Faculty of Law from Dar Al Uloom University in 2012. He has practised law since 2010, thus gaining the experience required to be our official partner and director of contract management.

He is a licensed lawyer (381/741) specialised in contracts and commercial disputes before all courts, tribunals, judicial and quasi-judicial committees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is well known for his experience in completing all required procedures before the concerned authorities in establishing commercial and endowment companies, whether local or foreign, in addition to his expertise in drafting contracts, agreements, and related matters, such as partnership agreements, investment agreements etc. He does all of his work in a manner that protects the rights of our clients.

Among his work: He has completed charitable endowments amounting to 60,000,000 million Saudi riyals. He has won a commercial case for a client at a value of 21,000,000 million Saudi riyals, in addition to establishing more than 43 commercial companies and drafting approximately 187 agreements and a large number of lawsuits and response notes in litigation.

Abdullah Alshurimi

Partner, Head of Litigation

We selected Abdullah Bin Khalid AlShuraymi based on his experience, practising law, litigation and providing legal advice since 2015. He obtained a Master’s Degree with Honours in Comparative Jurisprudence in Law and Regulations from the Higher Judicial Institute of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.

He has earned many diplomas and attended several law courses. He is also interested in litigation, drafting, pleading, and anything related to companies in their governance and conduct of their legal business.

He worked on managing the business of a giant company with a capital of more than one billion riyals. He also managed to obtain a number of final rulings in the commercial judiciary in relation to real estate lawsuits.

He has the experience that enables him to practice law and legal advice, making him highly qualified. He is always in accordance with the professional standards he sets throughout his work in the field of law.


Our Specialisation in the Way to Provide our Legal Services:

Based on our belief that the way to provide legal services professionally is through the appreciation of our clients and the fundamental value we place on them, in doing so we are truly distinguished in our field, setting our company apart from many competitors. The company has adopted the method of providing legal services based on the best applications and the preference we have seen from  clients through the following:

Litigation and Conflict Management



Establishing and Restructuring Companies

Legal Advices and Support

Drafting and Managing Contracts

Intellectual Property

Electronic Trade

Structuring Endowments

International engagements and partnerships

Dispute Resolution

Commercial Services

Our International Alliances

What differentiates our company from others is that it is a Saudi company owned by Saudi partners, who ensure that all our clients' information and documents are under our control. Based on this, our company intends to conclude several exclusive and non-exclusive alliances outside the Kingdom to guarantee the appointment of an international ally under our guidance and supervision. Further ensuring the provision of service to our clients at a competitive price and high quality, while also being in accordance with international standards.

We are proud that our clients praise to this policy, which has saved them time in follow-up and legal protection. We have worked and cooperated with multiple deferent international firms such as:

Logistic Partners

Wasim Abu Nader

International Legal Advisor

Wasim Abu Nader obtained his Doctorate Degree with Honours in Banking from the Panthéon-Assas University, Paris, France with special congratulations from the jury and support from the French government to publish his dissertation. Prior to the establishment of the Abu Nader and Tohme Law Firm, he worked for major local and international law firms. He started as a beginner in Paris, became a senior lawyer in London, and eventually became a partner at Abu Nader and Tohme Law Firm


Basil Tohme

International Legal Advisor

Basil Tohme obtained a Master’s Degree in Law from the Lebanese University - (French Department). He also earned a Master’s Degree in Arbitration, Litigation and Disputes from the Panthéon-Assas University, Paris, France. He has significant experience as he has worked for several law firms, in addition to being a member of the Bar Association in Beirut since January 2008. He is the founder and treasurer of the “Citizens' Justice Foundation” in Beirut, Lebanon and a member of the “Arab Society for Intellectual Property” in Amman, Jordan. He is also a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He is known to practice his expertise through his partnership at Abu Nader and Tohme Law Firm


Abdullah AlJumah

Senior Legal Advisor

Over two years, Abdullah worked as a legal advisor at the office of HRH Vice Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. He also taught commercial law at King Saud University for almost four years

As being also a media personality, Abdullah worked on many projects involving media and entertainment law, as well as laws and regulations related to start ups.

Abdullah holds Master of Laws from Harvard Law School, and Bachelor Degree from King Saud University


Philippe FIELOUX

International Legal Advisor

A tax lawyer by training, Philippe specializes in mergers and acquisitions. He supports his clients throughout the business’s life cycle.

In his private equity work, Philippe has assisted both French and foreign investors as well as directors and executive directors.

He has been involved in management package renegotiations and tax litigation.

Philippe has also assisted both buyers and sellers in relation to industrial transfers, capital restructuring and real-estate restructuring involving major players in the mass-market retail sector.

He supports his clients in investment-related disputes, shareholder disputes and liability guarantee claims.

Philippe represents his clients in strategic, high-stake disputes.

He is a member of France Invest (the Association of Investors for Growth / l’Association des Investisseurs pour la Croissance).

Voluntary Business Policy

We have always believed in the necessity of contributions, especially an attorney’s contribution towards his community. This is done through voluntary work in a professional commitment that guarantees the achievement of the goals of those to whom the voluntary service is provided. This service includes an innovative legal mechanism that takes into account the applicable regulations.

Consequently, our company has been keen to maintain stable and continuous successful partnerships with licensed charitable societies. Our company is proud of the success of its experience with the Saudi Alzheimer's Disease Association for over 7 years. During this time, our company has contributed legal sponsorships to the association’s initiatives (Mzwalah), the association’s registration in international forums, and other initiatives that distinguish the association in its charitable activities in society. Our company has also received a lot of appreciation from members of the association and its general assemblies. It is an honor for our company to represent the association in deferent occasions shush as International Alzheimer's  Disease Conferences

Legal Team

Clients & Success partners

Abdullah Alshahrani

PR Officer

Fahdah Alshamekh


Mohammed Abdulsalam

Business Development Officer

Mohammed Gad 

Senior Legal Advisor

Nourah Alaqeel


Aban Rawas