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Mohammad Al-Aqeel & Co is a Saudi law firm located in Riyadh that was transformed into a professional company in 2020. The firm has more than 20 attorneys and consultants both inside and outside the country within the disciplines and disputes of a commercial and banking nature. The partners of the company have won a number of awards around the world in both the public and private sectors in appreciation of their efforts and excellence in the legal services provided. The company has also adopted the provision of legal services as a duty towards society in an institutional form through charitable organisations.

 The professional growth and expansion of Mohammed Al-Aqeel & Co



What differentiates our company from others is that it is a Saudi company owned by Saudi partners, who ensure that all our clients' information and documents are under our control. Based on this, our company intends to conclude several exclusive and nonexclusive alliances outside the Kingdom to guarantee the appointment of an international ally under our guidance and supervision. Further ensuring the provision of service to our clients at a competitive price and high quality, while also being in accordance with international standards.

We are proud that our clients praise to this policy, which has saved them time in followup and legal protection. We have worked and cooperated with multiple deferent international firms such as:

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My Story

My Story !

I am Aban Mohamed Rawas, born in Mecca, and lived there for for 23 years. Then I graduated from the Law College at King Abdul Aziz University , Jeddah on 18 November 2016. I joined Mohammed Abdulaziz Alaqeel Law Firm in Riyadh to work as a trainee lawyer. At this firm, spirit of fraternity and love of cooperation predominated everywhere to form comfortable environment. Whereas moving from Mecca, the religious nature town, to the capital, with its professionalization, that caused some culture barriers that was an obstacle could not have been overcame without Allah Gratitude; due to the spirit of fraternity and coworkers at the firm, who spurred and encouraged me to continue and overcome any barrier.


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Mohammed A. AlAqeel

Managing Partner

  • Licensed since 1427 AH / 2004 BC, specialized in managing clients' respective files, legalization of contractual relations in corporate and finance sectors according to the regulations in effect inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with other international law firms.

  • Representing international and local companies in commercial and administrative litigations.

  • Arbitrator in many commercial cases, and a licensed notary.


Abdullah A. AlAqeel

Partner / Head of contracting Department

  • Licensed since 1438 AH / 2017 BC, Specialized in drafting and structuring contracts.

  • Representing the company in special files of VIP clients

  • Establishing companies & Franchise agreements.

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Abdullah AlShurimi,

Partner / Head of Litigation Department

  • Licensed since 1440AH / 2018 BC. In charge of all clients' cases and every suite in the company

  • Develop and implement all the Policies of following up cases and provides the clients reports within 24 hours of every hearing.

  • Restructuring of commercial companies and charitable endowment.

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International Legal Advisor

  • Wassim is a specialized lawyer in corporate and commercial law as well as banking and finance transactions. Wassim started working as a junior associate in Paris, moved after to a senior position in London and returned back to the MENA region where he acted as a partner in several regional law firms and then established Arabian Gulf Lawyers Law Firm. Wassim has obtained a PhD in Banking Law from Université Panthéon Assas Paris II and taught for several years at the Universities in France and Beirut.

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Our Specialization in the Way to Provide our Legal Services:

Based on our belief that the way to provide legal services professionally is through the appreciation of our clients and the fundamental value we place on them, in doing so we are truly distinguished in our field, setting our company apart from many competitors. The company has adopted the method of providing legal services based on the best applications and the preference we have seen from  clients through the following:


Establishing and Restructuring Companies

Legal Advices and Support

Litigation and Conflict Management

Structuring endowments

Electronic Trade


Drafting and Managing Contracts

Intellectual Property

Commercial Services

Settlement of Disputes

International engagements and partnerships